Picture Black and White

I have started an online course delving into black and white photography.  We are covering graphic elements first, so here I am sharing photos I took for various prompts from this topic.  For this class, like others I have taken, … Continue reading

Amelia Island

This next set of images is from a trip to Amelia Island taken around Memorial Day.

taken May 2011

Ahhhhhhhhh……….love the sea on my newly painted toes (the toes look much more worn at the moment!)

taken May 2011

taken May 2011

taken May 2011

This is pretty much how Annabel poses for me half the time nowadays……

taken May 2011

Alright – there will be more catching up tomorrow!!!


Catch Up

I am going to be playing major catch-up this week as I post pictures and what-not from things that have been happening since April.

First up  (and I am starting out slow and easy) –  I made these alfajores cookies back in May – oh my were they delicious.  Just look at that dulce de leche filling – uh huh I made it!

taken 5.18.11

Also in May, Annabel performed with her school chorus.  Her small group did “Good Ship Lollipop”, and the participants all got those huge lollipops that everyone covets as a child.  Or was that just me?

taken 5.5.11