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After taking a little unplanned hiatus, I am again enthusiastically posting to instagram.  I admit to sometimes getting envious of these wonderful photographers I follow who never seem to run out of inspiration.  Mine seems to come in waves – but I am thankful … Continue reading


Well I’m just pretty darn excited – one of my photos was featured in the Pioneer Woman’s photography contest!  This picture here that I took over the summer:

Check it out at the Pioneer Woman website!  Group 4………

I also had the photo from two days ago, yes the one of cardboard boxes, featured on Shutter Sisters!  Picture Winter – day 26.  What a great day – I love both of these websites!

Today there was much work and getting ready for moving, so no photo for the day.  Tomorrow I’ll be good!



Yesterday Annabel had her first official event/rehearsal for “Madeline’s Christmas”.  The cast performed at the Atlanta Parent Magazine Block Party.  Afterward we got to wander around and see the sights.

Some bizarre.

taken 10.9.10

Some that just made me laugh.

taken 10.9.10

Update: the above picture was featured on the Shutter Sister’s 365 page on 10.12.10!  Yay!

taken 10.9.10

I was supposed to make a Madeline hat for Annabel to wear to the event.  It was a “fail” on many levels.  The hat was severely mocked.  I’m lucky she wore it long enough to get this shot.

taken 10.9.10

Love this next shot of Annabel……

taken 10.9.10

Here is the cast for “Madeline’s Christmas”, along with the director, Spring Mason.  And a chair.

Note that Annabel is the only one not wearing (or holding) her yellow hat.

taken 10.9.10