Today I both re-processed an older image, and took an iPhone picture using the Hipstamatic app.

Here is a photo of a gorgeous alaskan husky, taken in Juneau, Alaska.  I loved all of the huskies – I wish I could have one as a pet.  They live to work, though, and would probably not like to live the life of leisure that our beagle, Sweet Pea, takes full advantage of.

I re-processed it today using actions from Florabella.

taken July, 2009

This shot is a detail of a floral arrangement I made as a Halloween decoration.

taken 11.7.10 with iPhone



Still being in camera limbo, I have decided to flaunt the rules of a 365 blog because, well, it’s my blog and I said so.

I am being an impatient soul.  And a rebel.  I can’t be confined by your 365 walls.

Anyhoo, so I reworked a picture I took in Ireland this past March 2010.  We were in County Meath and went to visit Trim Castle.  Just down a path there are some ruins of an old cathedral, complete with meandering sheep everywhere you turn.

I added a texture to this shot:


This is the day.  The day I realized it was my camera that was dying, and not the memory card at all.  This is one of the only shots I have been able to salvage from that day.  Oh the fun pictures I got of the L5P Halloween Parade!  Oh how completely disfigured they look because of my camera issues!  Sigh.

taken 10.16.10

This was taken at the Universal Joint in Oakhurst, where we went after the parade.  It’s a cute shot, but would have more than likely have been rejected (because of the exposure issue) if I had access to all the other pictures I took.  But in the spirit of the 365 project, I’m going to post it anyway.


Annabel got to bring home her class pet this weekend.  She was thrilled beyond belief, and I can’t say I blame her.  Behold the adorable dwarf rabbit, named “Elvis”!

taken 10.15.10

taken 10.15.10

Unfortunately, almost immediately after these photos were taken, my camera started to become possessed, and I lost several other shots that day.  I thought it was the memory card, so I put another one in, and then took my camera along to the Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade the next day.  Got some great shots, but then when trying to download them at home the files are completely fried!!!  Ugh!  So while I figure what to do about the situation, there are going to be a few days with no pictures.

I wonder, should I post pictures from my iPhone, or just not bother until the camera issue is figured out?


Leaves!  The leaves have been putting up a fight, but they are starting to surrender and let the green fade away!  It has been subtle so far, but I could tell a difference today, and I suspect in a few days there will be a shock of reds and oranges and yellows all around.

taken 10.13.10

taken 10.13.10