The prompt today for Picture Winter was “beyond the chill”.  We were encouraged to go outside and find a bit of forgotten beauty and focus on it.

I was able to venture beyond the house today as the city slowly melted into normalcy.   We went to the park and I found a little yellow dandelion that I thought would be perfect. But when I got home I didn’t like the shot at all.  I think that if I still had my 50mm lens that was stolen along with my camera it would have come out well, but it was not to be this time.  Luckily, I happened to have shot this image as a mere second thought, and it ended up being the winner of the bunch.  Go figure!!

Note that I did not utter the “s” word, which rhymes with “bow”, as the evil white substance is still wearing out it’s welcome here, although it is slowly slinking away……

taken 1.14.11



It’s a new year, and I got my new camera after my old-new camera was stolen.  I am taking an online class called “Picture Winter” for some inspiration.  Today the photo prompt is “all the possibilities”.  I took this picture because there are few possibilities until I have my cup of coffee!  : )

taken 1-3-11


It’s here!  It’s here!

I didn’t know it could happen, but I am totally smitten with my new camera!  Yesterday I let the battery charge and dutifully read through my manual.  This morning I nervously anticipated that first picture…..what would I take….would I like it??

So of all things, the first photo I took was of my computer keyboard.  The second I looked at the camera monitor I knew I had fallen hard!!!  I ran out to the park and took a jillion pictures.  And here are a few of the results!

taken 11.17.10

taken 11.17.10

taken 11.17.10

Can’t wait to capture some more images tomorrow!


Wow – picture number 40, that seems somehow significant.

This photo was taken in East Atlanta.  Shot and processed with the iPhone.

I received great news that my new camera should be here in two days!  Hip Hip Hooray!

taken 11.12.10 with iPhone


Yesterday………a total fail.  Well, I did try to get a picture of my new bangs, but I ended up with a shot of my car door handle.  I can’t get used to the whole taking-a-picture-of-yourself-with-your-phone thing.

Today I heard from the folks at Showcase, and they said I am close to the end of the waiting list for my new Nikon D7000, but Nikon is being “secretive” about how many cameras are in each shipment and when the shipments will arrive.  Why Nikon, why?

Today I picked up some cupcakes from the Atlanta Cupcake Factory for a baby shower tomorrow at work.  Complete inspiration struck.  I love eating cupcakes and I love simply looking at pictures of cupcakes.  So what follows is my take on the cupcake shot.   Wait, does that sound bad?

taken 11.11.10 with iPhone

Lemon and Oreo/Chocolate Cupcakes!