Day 17 – Warm Glow

Today (actually yesterday) the prompt asked us to capture a candle.  I got two images that I like, along with an instagram/iPhone shot of Annabel sipping on a Shirley Temple by the lights of a Christmas tree (a slightly more loose … Continue reading

All Out of Whack

This post is going to be whacky, because this past week has been whacky.  I have been doing my best to keep up with the prompts for “Picture the Holidays”, but I have been doing it out of order this … Continue reading

Day 10 & 11

For day 10 of Picture the Holidays, there was a pretty specific prompt, which was to attempt a long exposure on lights.  It was a really cool assignment and I am posting my first attempt here.  Some of the other … Continue reading

Day 8 – Reflecting

Today we were to seek out reflections:  Reflective surfaces can be creative muses in your photography. There is no way of knowing exactly how the reflection will translate. That’s what makes it so much fun!  Have you ever looked into … Continue reading

Day 7 – Express Yourself

The prompt for December 7th was a self portrait challenge, designed to capture how you are feeling in the moment.  I took my photo late at night, and so I was feeling just a bit tired, sooooooooooo………. See you for … Continue reading