Recent iPhone Images

After taking a little unplanned hiatus, I am again enthusiastically posting to instagram.  I admit to sometimes getting envious of these wonderful photographers I follow who never seem to run out of inspiration.  Mine seems to come in waves – but I am thankful … Continue reading

Picture Black and White

I have started an online course delving into black and white photography.  We are covering graphic elements first, so here I am sharing photos I took for various prompts from this topic.  For this class, like others I have taken, … Continue reading

Day 10 & 11

For day 10 of Picture the Holidays, there was a pretty specific prompt, which was to attempt a long exposure on lights.  It was a really cool assignment and I am posting my first attempt here.  Some of the other … Continue reading

Day 5 – The View From here

The “Picture the Holidays” prompt today took me outside, which I am happy about because otherwise I would have been a slug on the couch due to insomnia the night before.  But instead I was treated to a lovely evening, … Continue reading

Picture the Holidays

Two posts in one day – I know, I have gone mad……. This month I am going to be participating in a photography challenge (is that the right term???) called “Picture the Holidays”.  The participants receive a prompt every day … Continue reading