Catching up with April

Yes, much time has gone by since my last post, I know.  I am considering changing the purpose of this blog from a 365 blog to perhaps a 52 one (taking a photo once a week rather than once a day).  Now that things have more or less settled down in the new home, I will be able to decide.

Meanwhile, some shots from April.

Annabel turned 10, and she graduated to a cake that was NOT covered in princesses or ponies:

At Fernbank Museum (iPhone shot):

The pup is very tolerant:

The cat is merely resigned to his fate:

Homemade Hot Cross Buns for Easter:

Easter eggs:


A very rainy day today, with the promise of an even rainier day tomorrow.  I always love how colors become intensified after a rain, like in this picture of my dogwood tree (yes I know I am a bit fixated on the dogwood tree….)

taken 3.26.11

And I took another shot with the Picture Inspiration prompt (“Infinity and Beyond”) in mind:

taken 3.26.11

Later alligator!


Look at me being all post-y.  I think I am caught up though.  Excellent!

It’s Thursday and that means we got our newest prompt for Picture Inspiration.  This one is called “Infinity and Beyond”, where we are encouraged to seek out lines and diagonals.  Today I lined up some fun plastic cups (that I really should be putting away….) and shot various angles and lines.

Here are my two favorites of the bunch:

taken 3.24.11

taken 3.24.11