Picture Black and White

I have started an online course delving into black and white photography.  We are covering graphic elements first, so here I am sharing photos I took for various prompts from this topic.  For this class, like others I have taken, I use a combination of dSLR and iPhone.

Lines (all taken and processed with my iPhone):

Shapes (I focused on a spiral shape – taken with my Nikon dSLR):

Repetition.  I didn’t have much time to shoot for this prompt, but I did manage to capture this image for the repetition prompt – taken while on a walk in Piedmont Park.

Pattern.  I took this photo of flowers making a pattern with my iPhone:

And then I took some pics with my Nikon of my favorite shoes with a leopard print pattern on them.  🙂

The last prompt for the graphic elements topic was architecture.  I decided to go and reprocess some photos I took while in Ireland for this prompt.  I really like how they came out, I think I like them much better in black and white!

The next topic in the Picture Black and White class focuses on light, so we will see what I come up with for that!


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