Now You

So just go ahead and insert all the usual excuses about why it has taken so long to post here.

Ok, so now let’s move on.

I have begun another photography class, called “Now You“, which explores self-portraits.  The NOW mantra is, “Empowerment through photography can be life changing. It’s through self-portraiture that we learn to look kindly at ourselves.  Let your camera guide you.  The goal of NOW is inspiration, empowerment, and confidence building through photography. This workshop will be a fun environment in which to safely jump into the world of self portraiture.”   Pretty cool!

Here is one of my first images for the class:

I am also continuing to participate in “In the Picture“.  I missed a couple of the prompts, but this month I jumped back in with the theme “shake it out!”   Here is one of my photos for this prompt (taken and processed with the iPhone):

Of course, these past few months haven’t been just about me.  In the next couple of days I will share images from instagram, my sweet baby niece, and other happenings!

In The Picture

11 thoughts on “Now You

  1. Love your first shot with the single curl…really great.
    Like you I have been absent for a while from {in the picture} but glad to be back.
    You forgot how inspiring it is to view others honest work.

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