Long time no see!  😉  While I have been away from the blog, I have been taking photos.  It’s just that my ability to go through them all has been limited.  But hopefully with the slow days of winter in front of me, I will be much more on top of things.  To get back into it, today I would like to link up with a self-portrait project that I have decided to participate in via the Urban Muser.  I am going to try and complete at least one self-portrait a month, maybe more, using the prompts provided on the project page.  When I first started thinking about self-portraits, I had to get the image of the cheesy, self-indulgent, ready for Facebook concept of a self-portrait (not that there’s anything wrong with that – to quote Seinfeld) out of my head.  I have been inspired by the creativity I see on The Urban Musers site with her self-portraits, along with many others I have seen on Flickr and other photography sites.  So I am going to give it a go myself, and hopefully get at another creative angle I have yet to explore…………

The first prompt was to take an image of just a portion of myself, so I shot this photo of my eye (taken and processed with the iPhone).

Here is the button for the link-up:

In The Picture
I’ll be back to post various photos that I’ve taken recently, including images of my new-born niece!

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