All Out of Whack

This post is going to be whacky, because this past week has been whacky.  I have been doing my best to keep up with the prompts for “Picture the Holidays”, but I have been doing it out of order this week, when I can find an opportunity.  In other words, there has been very little deliberateness about shooting for the prompts this week.  It is what it is.

The prompt for Day 12 stated simply, “Today, wear a smile and search for the people or things that smile back and capture a happy face!”

A few days later, I found this toy soldier smiling in a store window.

Day 13 asked us to find the divine.

Day 14 involves photographing cards or letters of some sort….still working on it.

Day 15 involves shooting something that you then use as gift tags for your gifts……I am still pondering this one.

Day 16 – I am back to being productive!  The prompt said:  “They call this the season of lights for many reasons and there are ample opportunities to shoot light in it’s many shapes and shades. There is nothing more compelling than a literal Bokeh of holiday lights. The first time I captured lights like this, I was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning! My guess is you’ll feel it too.  Note: This one takes lots of practice so be patient and have fun experimenting with focal lengths, points of focus (or lack of), aperture and shutter speeds.”

I actually took a couple shots for this one:


3 thoughts on “All Out of Whack

  1. I actually love this post so much and your beautiful photos. 🙂 Have a beautiful sunday sweet friend. Wishing you a wonderful festive time with your friends and family!! Love to you!

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