Halloween Parade

This was the first time we got to experience the Halloween Parade on the new street of the new house, and it did not disappoint!  Here are some photos from the Halloween day event!

Dorothy, I mean Lisa, was the organizer of the parade (and her little dog Toto too!)

As usual these days, Annabel made it difficult to take many photos of her, but I managed to get a few….here is one I took before she realized I was there.

Medusa’s hair….


A fireman trying to contain the crazy, out of control crowd.  Just kidding, I think a car needed to get through.

The judges get ready for the costume contest.

A little lion takes his turn in front of the judges.

Annabel takes her turn.

This girl made a dress entirely from duct tape – amazing!!!!!!  Her and her friend won the most creative costume.

Patiently waiting for the results…

Annabel frolicking

This was my favorite costume by far…..oh so adorable!

The firetrucks rev up and the parade begins!

Checking out the progress of the loot……

And finally, a few more Halloween images.  Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!!



























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