North Carolina, Pt. 1

This past weekend a road-trip to Asheville, North Carolina was on the agenda.  In this post I am showing all the images I got using my iPhone and Instagram.  The next post will feature photos I took using my SLR, as soon as I finish going through and processing them!  As you will see, I seem to be going through a “shoot-through-rainy-window” phase.  Everyone goes through that phase, right??

This was taken while stopped for lunch at a restaurant in Gainesville, Ga.  They had a whole wall of wine bottle corks.

taken 9.3.11 with iPhone

Taken out the window of the car while on the road, somewhere in North Carolina.

The first night we stayed at the Grove Park Inn, here seen through a rainy glass window (first in the series of rainy window shots!).

This was glimpsed in an ad in one of the magazines in the hotel room.  Sure to give me nightmares for years to come.

A bride checking into the hotel.  Her dress was divine.

Good night Miss Bel!!!

The next day, some of the sights seen while wandering the grounds of the Grove Park Inn:

(but first, I am not going to be functioning at all until this is found…..)

Lovely flowers

Seems to be more than a touch of the surreal here at the Inn:

Next up was a trip to the Biltmore.  Here, a statue in the gardens of the estate:

The Biltmore through the rainy glass window of the car.

This amazingly gorgeous sunflower field on the grounds of the Biltmore estate:

Detail of a Tiffany glass lamp (from the gift shop, I think):

We stayed at the wonderful Hotel Indigo the second night.  Here is a glimpse of the view of the mountains out the window of the room:

The following morning, brunch at the Early Girl Eatery.  I had strawberry pancakes…so good!

I wanted to wander around downtown Asheville, but Tropical Storm Lee was starting to make its presence felt, so we hit a well known pub called The Jack of the Wood (because when in Asheville you have to check out some of the local breweries!), then hit the road to go back home.

We drove on a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway on the journey back to Atlanta.  It was of course beautiful, but when we got into the higher elevations in the mountains it could be a bit scary because of the weather.  I got some great shots of the dense fog with my SLR, but for the time being, here is a shot of the Blue Ridge Parkway in a less treacherous area (through a rainy window):

And finally, one last shot of the road.  Not sure where this was exactly, but it was taken through, you guessed it, a rainy window:


Thanks for looking!


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