Happy Friday

Yes it’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier!  And can I say that I am so excited that fall is around the corner?  I went to Target yesterday and they were beginning to put out the Halloween items.  It took everything I had not to let out a high-pitched squeal.  Dork am I.

I am excited that two images of mine were featured on websites.  Mortal Muses just started “Mosaic Fridays” where they take images that were submitted for the theme and place them in a mosaic.  The theme for the past two weeks has been “negative space”.  This photo was featured:


Take a look at the mosaic here.  It’s so interesting to see all the images together!

Also, I’m pretty delighted that this picture of Jeanie and Annabel being goofballs (surprise surprise) made it to group three of the Pioneer Woman’s photography contest celebrating all things silly.

That Jeanie is such a sweet, delicate creature…….

This long Labor Day weekend will provide me with lots of opportunities to take pictures, and I can’t wait to post them here!

Have a great holiday everyone!


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