this and that

I went to my sister Jeanie’s house the other day and got a few images there:

taken 8.9.11

taken 8.9.11

Jeanie looking lovely in her second trimester:

taken 8.9.11


2 thoughts on “this and that

  1. your sister is a doll! makes me so miss being pregnant. i loved the second trimester. that was the best time. she has that second trimester glow!

    i love the star photo. i have one of those {except not glittery… just gold foil} hanging in my bedroom. i love the crop on it… and the bokeh background. beautiful!

    hope you got my message… i replied to your comment with a link to the web site where i made my gif animation.

  2. My sister is definitely excited and glow-y!! It’s been a lot of fun so far!

    I just took a look and don’t see the reply with the link. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place???


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