It’s been more than a month since my last post – lame I know.

But there has been a move, and then almost near constant chaos as the new house gets renovations completed.  I am slowly starting to feel the pleasant, and seemingly unfamiliar, lull of normalcy at last.  And so I plan to start posting again as much as possible.

First up are some shots of a trip to St. Petersburg, Florida.  Then hopefully I will fall back into a rhythm of shooting something nearly everyday.

First up is a glimpse of what I am dubbing “Pelican Pier”.  These creatures have become a source of fascination for me.

Look at them.  They are like some kind of muppet-monsters.

This one was completely unfazed by my presence.  The only way I knew it wasn’t a statue was when I saw it blink.   Their eyelids are see-through!  Freaky.

Bizarre, cute, freaky things.

Zoltar knows all…….

But Annabel is not buying it.

Another scene from the pier:

A Dali-esque bench outside the Salvadore Dali Museum.

Starbucks break.


Chased by a giant crab, I make my way to the beach.

The weather was so so cold…..the only upside to the frigid temperatures was that the beach was devoid of people.

Annabel jumping over the waves.  Mid-jump!

And finally, contemplating the vastness of it all.


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