A snow day today, and now another one tomorrow.  This cartoon, which has been making the rounds today, pretty much sums it up:

No snow pictures today.  I’m completely disenchanted.

The prompt for Picture Winter today was controlled chaos, which almost immediately brought to mind my collection of jewelry, which is at this point threatening to topple over in a tangle of chains and costume flowers.  Behold.

taken 1.13.11

And even closer in, with a texture added.

taken 1.13.11

Until tomorrow!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “65:365

  1. I agree with you about snow days, way over it!! I’m liking your jewelry collection though, very nice. Let me know if I can take any of those off your hands

  2. oh, fun!! another p.w. blogger!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. i am really enjoying your photos at picture winter, so i am glad to be able to continue following your photography on your blog… even after p.w. is over.

    my twin sister’s name is angela, too!! we call her angie or even gigi sometimes.

    and speaking of… i know my name here will show up as savannah… that is because that is what i will name my baby in june if it’s a girl. but i am georgia {or as my profile names show, jorjah-b}.

    nice to “meet” you! have a great night!

    • Thanks so much!!!

      How funny about your sister – most of my family calls me Angie too.

      And congrats on your baby-to-be! So exciting. Did you pick out the name Savannah because your name is Georgia?

I appreciate all comments - thanks so much!

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