Snowed in another day!  Cabin fever is starting to set in.  Please send reinforcements…….

We did some frolicking outside again, but really how many more snow images can I get of the same things?  If I could get out to different parts of the city.  Maybe tomorrow.  I say that because Annabel has another day off tomorrow.  Reinforcements….stat……

The street is a little more melty……

taken 1.12.11

A Camilla bud:

taken 1.12.11

A lonely birdfeeder:

taken 1.12.11

I took this photo yesterday after the brownie-making, but did the processing today.  The broken-hearted brownie:

taken 1.11.11 (processed 1.12.11)

So stay tuned for tomorrows post…….will I be talking gibberish and will the house have descended into some blizzard-induced “Lord of the Flies” scenario?  Only time will tell…..


One thought on “64:365

  1. I began getting sick of taking snow pictures a few weeks ago when we were in the thick of it. But I look back at them now on a grey, rainy, muddy day and love their beauty! I love yours too.

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