This is what usually happens in Atlanta:  It snows once, maybe twice a year if we are lucky.  It might stay around one day, only to melt away when the sun comes out.

Not this time.  The low temperatures are making sure everything becomes ice, and we are homebound yet another day.  We had a fun day again, but there is no school again tomorrow and I think the snow and ice will have pretty much worn out it’s welcome by then.  But it’s being a inconsiderate guest – temperatures aren’t supposed to go much above freezing for the next few days.

Send in help.

Appreciating the beauty of the snow.

taken 1.11.11

Snow self-portrait

taken 1.11.11

Annabel playing in the snow.

taken 1.11.11

taken 1.11.11

Making brownies inside:

taken 1.11.11

taken 1.11.11

And finally, for Picture Winter, the prompt was “Heart”, so I combined the brownie project with the photography project:

taken 1.11.11


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