Snow Day!!!!!!

The winter storm started yesterday, and we woke up to way more snow than we are used to here in the south.  So beautiful – but the down side is that all that snow is coated by a sheet of ice on top.  Made snowmen and snowball fights a bit difficult, but we still managed to get out and have some fun!

A scene from the hood:

taken 1.10.11

Annabel excited about all the snow and having a day off!

taken 1.10.11

Playing with Moo-Shu, a neighbor’s dog.

taken 1.10.11

Look, another dog!!!  (Annabel gets very thrilled by all things animal…)

taken 1.10.11

A pine cone close-up.

taken 1.10.11

Getting a little artsy-fartsy……..

taken 1.10.11

And finally, the Picture Winter prompt for the day was “finding balance”, so I did a disco-orange, Harlem Globetrotter tribute to balance:

taken 1.10.11


4 thoughts on “62:365

    • Thanks! For the orange I had my husband prop that orange on his finger and took several photos trying to get it right at the perfect moment before it fell. I then I added a texture by SkeletalMess/Shadowhouse Creations. Fun project while I am snowed in the house!

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