Thanksgiving!!!!! So much food that I thought I was going to pop.

I got a ton of  pictures – and even more that didn’t make it to this blog due to some focusing issues. Hopefully I can figure the focusing out……

Present at Thanksgiving this year were myself, Hannibal, Annabel, Jeanie, Aaron, Mr. & Mrs. Disner, Dad, Bess, and Judy.


taken 11.25.10

Annabel.  I’m lucky she is only looking semi-goofy in this shot.  She usually ducks her head when confronted with my camera these days.

taken 11.25.10


taken 11.25.10

The turkey this year was brought to us by the almighty Green Egg.

taken 11.25.10

Are they texting each other?

taken 11.25.10

Working on the salad.

taken 11.25.10

Ahhhhhhhhh Jeanie – freaking me out with your head in the shot!!

taken 11.25.10

It’s way too much fun making a salad.  Really.

taken 11.25.10

Beverage selections….


Homemade Parker House Rolls!

taken 11.25.10

The spread……..

taken 11.25.10

The table…….

taken 11.25.10

Celebrate!  And there goes Jeanie again…….

taken 11.25.10




One thought on “53:365

  1. I like the last one the best.

    About the “texting” photo, isn’t that a sign of the times? It seems like everyone is texting or checking email or something with their phones these days.

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