Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!!

My sister, Annabel, and I hung out today.  We went to a fairly new restaurant called Bell Street Burritos, which is making almost exact replicas of the Tortillas burritos of yore.  Why do I not have any pictures from lunch at Bell Street Burritos?  Because I was way too busy inhaling that thing.

We then went antique shopping at Kudzu Antiques, where I more than made up for my dearth of burrito pictures by capturing all manner of things fun, cool and bizarre.

The first photo is below, and I wonder if they are beautiful cups?  ……..candle holders?  I don’t know – they were shiny….sometimes that’s all that matters……

taken 11.24.10

Guitar that is wee……

taken 11.24.10

Annabel perusing the books.

taken 11.24.10

This is a salt and pepper shaker – really!!!!!!!  Why didn’t I buy this??

taken 11.24.10

A good rule of thumb that I have come to live by, is that if you aren’t quite sure what something is, turn it into a Devo hat.

taken 11.24.10

A couple of shots of a sassy hat and pair of shoes.  Once again I ask myself, why didn’t I get these things? (and whoever that is that I hear saying “It’s because your head is too ginormous for any hat”, just shut it!)

taken 11.24.10

taken 11.24.10

Why so sad little doll?  Why?

taken 11.24.10

You know you want that coat, Jeanie (rarrrrrrrrr).

taken 11.24.10

And finally, an image that disturbed me beyond words.  Is it the sight of several severed doll heads staring blankly into space that fills me with fear?  Or is it the dainty presentation of said doll heads in a silver antique bowl that I find so bizarre?   Whichever, it’s going to be awhile before I can get this out of my head.

taken 11.24.10


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