Annabel got to bring home her class pet this weekend.  She was thrilled beyond belief, and I can’t say I blame her.  Behold the adorable dwarf rabbit, named “Elvis”!

taken 10.15.10

taken 10.15.10

Unfortunately, almost immediately after these photos were taken, my camera started to become possessed, and I lost several other shots that day.  I thought it was the memory card, so I put another one in, and then took my camera along to the Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade the next day.  Got some great shots, but then when trying to download them at home the files are completely fried!!!  Ugh!  So while I figure what to do about the situation, there are going to be a few days with no pictures.

I wonder, should I post pictures from my iPhone, or just not bother until the camera issue is figured out?


2 thoughts on “17:365

    • Thanks! Have a new camera on order – I am going start posting from the iPhone in the meantime. I feel bad that I have let some days pass, even if it is for a good reason!

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